The Return of the Weasel


In what Vol fans knew would end up as a loss given recent history of the rivalry between Tennessee and Alabama, what made matters worse is that The Weasel was returning to Neyland Stadium. The one man that set our program back at least 7 years selling his snake oil to VolNation returned as the Offensive Coordinator of Alabama. Why Nick Saban hired him in the first place remains a mystery. The Weasel has failed at every level and every position he has had the luck to land. Since his hiring, he’s been more of a story about Alabama than Nick Saban which is laughable considering Nick’s love affair with the media.  Every other shot all season of the Alabama side line was featuring the weasel and not the head coach.


The game started with an open flurry of Alabama scores sending VolNation into looking for the nearest exit. I myself had decided to leave at the half if the game got out of hand quickly. Justin Worley was out with a hurt shoulder and Nathan Peterman now looks like he’s never taken a snap. 3rd stringer and Butch Jones recruit Josh Dobbs got put into the game and suddenly the tide started to turn. The Vols began creeping back into the game but fell short of yet another meeting of these two long standing rivals. Obviously Nick Saban is one of the best coaches in college football but I’m looking forward to the day when he is lured away by the almighty dollar.


I guess The Weasel’s mom can breathe a sigh of relief that her son wasn’t lynched returning to Rocky Top. To be perfectly honest, it was probably cathartic with The Weasel’s return. VolNation needs to get passed its hatred of The Weasel.  We will get back on top of the SEC some day and The Weasel will still probably be getting fired from yet another coaching position.  While it was a nasty set back, it was one that will build more character for our storied program and hopefully wake up our AD and President that they can’t screw around with coaching hires….. Get the man that will get it done!