Back in the Saddle!

So, for the first time ever since becoming a Vol fan, I had gotten too frustrated with the same old storyline about Tennessee football. For over a decade now, Vol fans had started each season saying “this is when we start to see something”. What we ended up seeing was a rinse, wash, repeat season where hope quickly was squashed early in the season. Then lady luck would seem to appear and the Vols would have a good game or, dare I say, a good win.

Fan’s hope restored!!

However, that good game or good win would be immediately followed by the Vols getting knocked back down….way down!

Fan’s hopes dashed!!

Then another surprising good game or win. Last year coming against #11 Kentucky.

Fan’s hope restored!!!

But the season ended with a resounding THUD as the Vols layed an egg for the remainder of the season ending in 5-7. The once storied program of college football and frequent leader of the SEC again had a year that frankly wasn’t even worth of Division I play.

Honestly, I wasn’t going to go through that rollercoaster again. So I decided to take the year off of my usual obsession of Tennessee Football. Didn’t bother with my usual attendance to at least 2 or 3 home games and there were very few games I even watched. It became very liberating having those Saturdays, that I spent fuming over our losses, to just sit back and enjoy college football as a whole.

Does that make me less of a Vol fan? NO… I still bleed orange and white. I just get to do it with fewer spikes in my blood pressure.