No Parlay from the Commodores


Saturday, November 17 2012: Nashville, TN

As if the end of 2011 was not enough of a crushing blow to the souls of Vol fans losing to Kentucky, a team that is a stable victory at the end of all football seasons, Derek Dooley and the Vols figured why stop there!  I can remember my father always telling me “if you’re going to win, then do it….. if you’re going to lose, lose big so you can at least get some pity from people”.  However, Derek Dooley will not receive much pity from the Big Orange fan base as the Vols suffer an embarrassing loss to Vanderbilt.

I’m use to seeing a well oiled Vol machine dismantle Vandy like it was just some spring scrimmage except this year hell hath frozen overith and Vandy was embarrassing the Vols both on and off the field.

 My hopes are that this will be the final season for Derek Dooley and his dream of leading a real SEC powerhouse back to the promise land.  That he will realize his talents, whatever the hell they may be, would be better suited behind a desk and with a shirt and tie, than orange pants on the hallowed grounds of college football fields.

While I am not one of these to wish harm on anyone, I mean who wouldn’t of said yes to being offered a job as head coach of the Volunteers? Who wouldn’t convince themselves that they could do it? Especially being the son of SEC Georgia Bulldog legend Vince Dooley and having worked with Nick Saban, clearly this generations college football coach God.

orangevoldogDerek Dooley just does not have what it takes to lead a major college football team. You can see in his demeanor both on and off the field, in press conferences, and the stupid antics of practice such as Dooley’s retarded Orange Dog.

There are just no more fake rabbits you can pull out of your hat to fix the black hole the Vols have sunk into.  We need a major coach, with major ideas, a real defensive scheme, a real quarterback (Cause Bray isn’t) and a real back bone!

Here is the post-game press conference.  Clearly you see a man defeated and realizing no one buys his sales pitch anymore!