Rocky Top Flop!

Atlanta GA: A Vol fan can only look back on this day and pray we forget about it soon.  The Vols entire program looked unworthy to be playing in any bowl, much less against the #11 ranked Virginia Tech.  The entire team and coaching staff came off, in front of a national crowd, totally unprepared for the game.  Players looked unfocused and undisciplined and the gameplan came off looking very weak and reminiscent of the Fulmer days of playing not to lose.  Virginia Tech has always been the team that you can’t make any mistakes on as they will seize any opportunity given to them.  The Vols gave them ample opportunities and Virginia Tech took advantage and drove a stake right through our Vol hearts.

My congratulations go out to Virginia Tech and their fans, they certainly deserve the win and accolades.  My bleeding orange heart goes out to the Volunteer fans.  As I pulled into Atlanta, GA and the Omni Center Hotel, I couldn’t believe how well our fan base represented.  There were literally vol fans everywhere and a good 4-1 ratio over Tech fans.  Which made this game and loss even more disappointing.  The fans came out in force hoping for the best only to be, once again, let down by its program.
The second quarter was only fool’s gold as the Vols marched back to tie the game 14-14 just before the half.  But in true Vol fashion, we stopped playing and showed Virginia Tech that we were NOT in this game at all by letting them fly back down the field and score a field goal with (arguably) two seconds left on the first half.   There are just so many screen passes and dropped balls you can have during a game before you send the opposing team the signal that “we aren’t really here”!
Note to Lane Kiffin: If you think this year was hard working, you had better tighten the straps for next year because Vol fans are sick and tired of these performances and embarrassments on national TV just when we need it the most.
Note to Va Tech fans: Congrats, but we still own the 5-3 series record over the Hokies!!!