(2010) Tennessee vs LSU

One would of never scripted what came out of Baton Rouge, LA after the Tennessee / LSU game Saturday evening as the Vols had their hearts ripped out from them after the game had ended.  What Vol fans feared as the first of 4 October games and possible losses suddenly changed into optimism and jubilation as the Tennessee Volunteers put together a full 4 quarter game against the LSU Tigers.  Up until Saturday Tennessee had only been able to hold it together for the first half of its ranked opponents and struggled with the ones that were suppose to be easy but, out of no where, comes the LSU game which showed the Vols fighting to the bitter end.

The Tennessee fans knew this would be a tough road test but did not anticipate we would of won the game.  In the middle of an all out VOL celebration, the victory was snatched away from us by the referees who decided to review the last play once the game had ended.  Giving LSU one more chance to score against an already wore out Tennessee defense.  And score they did….

The call the refs made was the correct one, Tennessee mistakenly had 13 men on the fieldduring a frantic flurry of substitutions by the LSU offense .  More troubling was that the refs did not look at the LSU side of the ball and assess any penalties as well.  They sole concern was making sure that Tennessee was legal.

Of course this game will be debated all year and referred back to in the next couple years (or anytime there is a Tennessee LSU game!) but one thing seems to escaped a lot of the noise surrounding the game.  Tennessee actually played the full game against LSU and won!  The Vols also so the offense start to produce in the second half what we have been missing since the season started.  First downs, pass plays, and successful run plays peppered the second half as LSU realized Tennessee wasn’t the cake walk they thought it would be.  In what was certainly going to be a year that we constantly refer to as “rebuilding”, Vol fans did get a taste of real solid improvement with the Volunteers and Coach Derek Dooley.  The season may still be a black eye on the record books but we can at least have some hope to hold on to.