Buzz Kill

Now comes the fun part! In response to Vanderbilt’s announcement that they will start selling alcoholic beverages at college football games to raise revenue, Tennessee has done the same starting with this year’s BYU game.

Fortunately my drinking days are long behind me but even before this announcement came, like everyone else, I have had some pretty bad experiences in my beloved Neyland Stadium with some drunk ass hole near me and my family ruining the game experience for everyone around them. Now there are plenty of assholes in all fan bases anyway but you add alcohol to the mix and you get Asshole x 10!

So for the money I have spent to watch my Vols not only comes at a heavy price with tickets, travel, lodging, food, and the tons of cash I’ll drop on Tennessee gear but I just forked over all that money so I can be next to some asshole who couldn’t care less what comes out of his mouth and is running it constantly and now, YES, staying nice and drunk through the whole game.

I’m all for everyone having a good time at the games just don’t ruin it for the rest of us. While colleges may see the $$ in serving alcohol, they could easily lose it in ticket sales for those of us not wanting to be put in that situation to watch, what is now, a mediocre team.