Tennessee Hires Derek Dooley

Knoxville, TN: After several days of turmoil and speculation, Tennessee AD Mike Hamilton announces that they have come to terms with Louisiana Tech head coach Derek Dooley, son of former Georgia Bulldog coach Vince Dooley.  Most Vol fans probably asked themselves WHO?.  Shortly after Tennessee fans were picking themselves off the floor at the midnight run out of town by Kiffin, they found themselves scratching their heads at the new hire.  More so why so many other coaches turned down Tennessee.  Tennessee if one of the more storied and desirable jobs in college football which makes the Dooley hire appear to be as desperate as the program was when they picked Kiffin.

Before the fans condemn this guy, they should take time to listen to all the press interviews and comments about new coach Dooley.  One thing that will make Vol fans have a sigh of relief is that Derek Dooley is not about sound bites and more about saying the right thing and doing what is right for the program.  He quickly reminds us of the good qualities in former Coach Phillip Fulmer of class and keeping things respectable.  Now Vol fans have to hope that Dooley can coach a big time SEC program.  Tennessee has a lot of catching up to do, the SEC has left us behind with Alabama, Florida, LSU, and Ol’ Miss running rampant around the conference.  Dooley certainly has big shoes to fill and a lot of work ahead but he certainly seems like he is up for the challenge and a good initial fit for Tennessee.  He doesn’t have a large hurdle to get over with wins, with all of Kiffin’s talking and media, Kiffin didn’t improve Tennessee by leaps and bounds but only by a ripple.  Now Dooley needs to pick up the pieces and get the program back to where we belong.