Get on both knees and……..

One thing that I am not understanding, and we talked about this on last night’s Voltalk Podcast is the current trend of Million dollar NFL players and the manor in which they are “protesting” things going on in our country.

It’s one thing to be a part of the atrocities our country has experienced at home and use that platform to protest these actions, but quite another to use a national stage and disgrace our country and our flag simply to gain more attention and call it a “protest”. Do I agree with what’s going on in our country? NO! Our country is seemingly being torn apart at the seams in our cities and communities. Do I agree with protestors? YES, everyone has the right to protest what is going on and help force more discussion on the problem and hopefully have solutions. Lots of people point at the problems, very few have solutions.

Do I think Kaepernick and other NFL players are showing their protest in the right way?
Absolutely NOT.

How about you send some of the millions of dollars you earn playing a game and send to those communities where these atrocities have taking place. How about you actually go there and take part in the protest! Take part in helping heal the community. Take part in local, state, and federal forums. That alone would still accomplish the self-gratifying behavior you are seeking in the first place with a likely front page picture or story in any local and national news outlet.

Tennessee Volunteers

Don’t use your rights, which have been given and defended at great costs by our armed forces, and do something that turns your actions into further tension to issues that are already volatile in our country.  I have lost such respect not only for these players but for the NFL who has allowed this to continue and go viral. This is the same organization that hands out hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines to players who wear the wrong socks, shoes, who put a patch on their uniform or even take their helmet off during a game to show their face but its apparently ok by NFL standards to have players disgrace our flag and country.

Let me see you arm in arm with the people of Chicago, Tampa, Dallas, Charleston, and other communities suffering from these problems. Let me see you donating your time and paychecks to help further these causes against what is happening. Don’t just look out the window from your luxury apartments, ridiculously sized homes, or your Bentleys and then say you should have attention from the world when you’re nothing more than a simple pedestrian.

For those in the communities that have been stricken by horrible acts, stay the course, fight for what is right in our country. Protest until everyone hears you! Everyone living in our country should not have to fear for their safety.

I bet if you were to call one of these million dollar NFL players to come help your community, they’d probably be too busy being on their knee. Maybe they should stay on their knee but stay on BOTH OF THEM!

Or give up their million dollar job playing a game and fight for our freedom and rights.

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