Limitless Digression

Tennessee Volunteers

Well, I didn’t watch this game (wasn’t PPVing it) but I did check my iphone regularly for the scoring and I wish I hadn’t.  I kept looking at my phone, then looking at the TV recaps to make sure I wasn’t missing something or that my phone was just not updating right….. it was…. I couldn’t believe that we had such a hard time dispatching a team that should of been one of those “gimme” teams on our schedule.  You know!  The kind of team you schedule at Homecoming!!  But Northern Illinois made us look like we belong at the bottom of the SEC.  They also made me look in fear at the remaining part of our schedule and question as to whether we could even win another game.  (Yes, Wyoming is still left)  OK, so maybe we can win 1 more!!! And that is a big MAYBE!!!

Clearly we no longer possess the ability to coach a football team in the SEC.  Or any conference for that matter since we are unable to put together any type of competitive offensive gameplan.

Obviously all the other SEC teams are smelling blood in the water and are welcoming the chance to TEE off against the Vols to help their rankings.

Can this ship be turned around this season?  What about next season?  Are recruits going to be wanting to come to Tennessee after watching us suck this bad this year?

I think Fulmer is all out of excuses and ideas!!!  He’s just plain done!