Hail Storm

It hadn’t been since 2006 that the Tennessee Volunteers beat the Georgia Bulldogs in Athens. Tennessee Athens all time record stood at 9-22, that is until today. Having just come off a win against Florida which had literally two different Tennessee teams (Team first half and Team second half) it was uncertain if Tennessee could rebound and take out Georgia in Athens and cease control of the SEC East as most football pundits had predicted at the start of the season.

A lot has been said this season about the Vols offensive production, Josh Dobbs abilities as Quarterback, and especially my own personal soapbox about Mike DeBord. The Vols trailed Georgia the entire game until the fourth quarter, which even included a questionable touchdown pass which stood as called although it was clear Dobbs didn’t make the endzone with the ball. I’m sure Georgia fans all over the country are crying fowl right now and they have a legitimate complaint with that play but it won’t overshadow the spectacular finish of this game!

No one will remember anything about this game except the last 20 minutes which will surely go down as one of the all-time greatest college football games.

We have spent most of the season questioning Coach Butch Jones, Quarterback Josh Dobbs, and the assistant coaches (I probably will still question DeBord) but if you come away from this game with anything, it has to be to “question no more”! Coach Jones and the Vols have now shown college football that, while not necessarily pretty or lopsided, the Vols have found a way to win and now stand 5-0 and atop the SEC East.

Butch Jones Tennessee Volunteers

The heart and resilience this team showed during the game was nothing short of remarkable. Despite many miscues and fumbles, one being a bone headed play by Jalen Hurd prancing into the endzone only to get blindsided by a Georgia defender which resulted in a fumble recovery and touchback, the Vols began to mount a comeback and hang with Georgia in the second half.

Tennessee still remains a second half team as our defense with its injuries had a hard time stopping Georgia in the first half but both Defensive and Offensive squads started to tap into their second half wind and showed that, if this team was running on all cylinders for all four quarters, there is no one we can’t beat. Yes, that also includes the evil empire of Alabama.

Should Butch still be our coach?

Absolutely! If this game against Georgia didn’t prove it to you. well, you’re a moron! Jones showed at the end of the game that he is so committed to making this team a national contender that I believe he can and will get Tennessee a national championship. As a fan base, we have to be a bit more patient and hope that he can work out the kinks of our slow starts. With formidable opponents Texas A&M (away) and Alabama (home) coming the next 2 weeks. It will take every ounce of energy for Jones and team #120 to avoid any hangovers and get back to work.

Can we beat them both?

Absolutely! Both teams are proving to be the best of the SEC but Tennessee can beat them.

Tennessee Volunteers