Petered out in the Swamp


Gainsville, FL: Welcome to the SEC Butch Jones!

In what Vol fans probably knew in their heart of hearts as another loss to the season, they did tune into the game with some shred of optimism given Florida had not performed well this season and, despite a bye week before the Vols, were whipped by their neighbor to the south Miami.  What Vol fans got was the start of a not at all ready for Prime Time Nathan Peterman and a first half that resembled a team that Jason Sudeikis put together in the skit as a American football coach taking over a British futbol team.  Both Tennessee and Florida looked horrible as mistake after mistake and turnover after turnover monopolized the announcers microphones.

Nathan Peterman, touted as the winning quarterback after a week of practice was honestly thrown into the deep end of the pool by starting in the Swamp.  One could make the argument that this is the best of litmus tests as opposed to letting him have his way with a team the likes of Austin Peay or upcoming South Alabama, regardless, Peterman was not ready for Florida’s defense.  So much so that he gets to sit on the sidelines for the next four weeks after injuring his hand and requiring surgery following the game.  Welcome to the SEC Nathan Peterman!!

Worley was reintroduced to the offense in the second half and we seemingly improved our gameplan.  I’m not sure if that was because Worley is better or Peterman just had an awful start, therefore, making Worley look improved.  Regardless, Butch Jones has a tough task on his hands and we certainly can’t expect him to fix things overnight.  This game, compared to last years, was similar in score as Dooley finished the game with a 37-20 loss.  So give Butch 3 points!!  The difference with this game, besides the 3 points and location, the team didn’t seem to let the wheels fall off and played through to the end.  Having attended last year’s game in Knoxville, Tennessee got started off quick and fast then quickly careened out of control in the second half deflating Vols fans and starting the exodus of Dooley.

Tennessee can look forward to a slight off week with South Alabama next on the schedule before we walk down the dark alleyway with the cast of Sons of Anarchy at the end waiting to maul us but in the form of Georgia, South Carolina, and Alabama.  Who loves October?  Not this vol fan but here’s to hoping I start looking forward to it sooner than later.