Referees: The new “Game Changers”

Today’s college football landscape has changed drastically.  Gone are the days of simply calling football games and letting the teams play it out.  Now, with the country overwhelmed by media sensitivity, each game, play, press conference, pre-game, post-game, and sports show is about ONLY one thing…… DRAMA!  This week’s college football bowl games were plagued by one play on one game and one official call.  Syracuse vs Kansas State was a game that literally no one watched.  Called the “Pinstripe” bowl (I had to look that up) one call towards the end of the game sent shockwaves throughout the apparently limited IQ of sports commentators and pundits.  O.J. running out onto the field waving a gun and shooting players probably would of garnered less attention but in today’s climate, anything sports reporters can do to blow up a situation and negatively affect college football is done.  Every commentator on every college football game this weekend was talking about Syracuse and Kansas State.  While they may feel they now have something meaningful to talk about, they are unable to see past their own inabilities and realize that most people watching college football wants to do just that….. WATCH college football.

They don’t want to hear controversy and speculation, they don’t want to hear inflamed opinion or debate, especially during an unrelated game.  I have a good question:  Why talk about allowing the referees being allowed to make judgement calls on the field in order to correctly assess penalties when the commentators and sports reporters won’t actually allow them.  Every rule is questioned, every touchdown scrutinized, every catch played over and over again.  At what point do we as fans say “enough” and stop letting the bean counters and lawyers control what was once a great sport and reduce it to flag football?