(PED) Perfectly Enhanced Dumbass

Will Grier Florida Gators PED

It’s become an almost staple of today’s sports world, players who do whatever they can to get an edge on their opponent. We all are aware that almost everyone in sports today, no matter what level, looks for that edge in hopes of gaining glory and attention from scouts while secretly praying not to get caught. I mean really! How many times have we heard the “vitamin supplement” bullshit before we start to understand that everyone will break the rules, bend, push, dodge, or duck to save face when their number is called by the fancy pee cup?

It’s almost as relevant as the pot discussion we are having today.  Why not make it all legal for everyone and tax them on it.  So at least all athletes have the same opportunity for the same performance enhancing drugs. How bad to you want it? How thick is your wallet? How many championships you want to win? How big is your team’s athletic fund?

I have no illusions that this is only going on in a few choice schools or programs, I am sure it is rampant in every locker room around the country. Unethical Doctors have no problem dealing out or at least “hinting” of a way to get an edge by a particular “vitamin supplement”.

Florida-Gators-quarterback-Will-Grier-3.vadapt.620.high.72Maybe Will Grier didn’t know what he was taking, even though its hard to believe, then maybe it was just ignorance in reading a label. Most rules about PEDs now are like the last 30 seconds of a Viagra commercial, quickly spinning you through all the things this drug can do to make your life worse for that one good hard on! Sure, I’ll take the little blue pill that could probably kill me instantly or cause me to develop a third arm and 5 extra toes!

You certainly can’t blame today’s youth for wanting to excel past their competition, you can’t really blame them for seeking alternative ways of gaining that all important “edge”. What you can blame them for is not having the maturity and courage to just come out and say “yep, I took it… I knew”. Nobody wants to do that now and it’s further exacerbated by coaches and teammates standing up for this behavior. As long as no one knows the truth and a good “product” is put on the field and TV, no one will ask questions, everyone will do their best at a half witted attempt to cover things up.

ENOUGH!!! Everyone needs to start either doing the right thing or letting everyone have a free for all. If the rules stay intact and you cheat, grow a pair and admit you cheated.

If you can’t grow a pair, I’m sure there’s a supplement for that too!!