Messing with a Manning

Tennessee Volunteers Peyton Manning

This week the publication Al Jazeera America posted an article about HGH doping in the NFL naming several players including Peyton Manning which caused an immediate uproar not only in the NFL but for Tennessee Volunteer fans. While I concede that I would not be surprised with the majority of football players take some form of growth hormone or steroid, the notion of Peyton Manning doping up is probably one of the most ridiculous things I’ve heard. While Peyton has suffered his share of physical set backs in recent years and one would not blame him for trying to heal up as quick as possible while he still has a chance to reach another title game, does it really matter that he or anyone else takes HGH to heal up?

To add more comedy to this story is the video taping of some kid who worked at the clinic making these claims against Peyton and other players. This guys can clearly be seen as an idiot who is taking a shot at his 15 minutes of fame. Even more, he recanted his statement but Al Jazeera ran with it anyway having very little facts or evidence to support this claim.

First, the mere fact that other news and sports reporting shows are lending weight to an Arab run website publication is absolutely absurd! An Arab news site should stick to what it knows and report on its own region, not United States Sports. How about reporting on how your countries aren’t bothering to fight its own conflicts and come begging to the United States like panhandlers?

Second, clearly quality journalism is dead in America. We rely on social media and unfounded claims to steal our headlines and news cycles with little or no basis.


Manning clearly focused on fighting this battle even had help from Patriot players, who despise him, coming out and saying they don’t believe the story. In today’s “shock value” reporting only leads to further consequences. I would make a plea to Peyton and the entire Manning family, even the NFL, to put Al Jazeera America out of business and have them back to reporting on sand storm trends in Saudi Arabia.

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