Aaron Douglas – Another ME Player!

Tennessee Volunteers

So Aaron Douglas (and his father) are the first to jump on the Fulmer bandwagon and express their disgust with AD Mike Hamilton ousting Coach Phillip Fulmer.  Although the article is riddled with comments from the Douglas’ about how they are born Tennessee Volunteers, apparently that isn’t enough to be supporting your Alma Mater and the Program these days.  Kirk Herbstreit was right on the money stating that Tennessee has become a collection of ME players ushered in by the infamous moron Kelly “The Future” Washington.

Now Douglas adds his name to the list by trying to lift himself up over the program and assume that he holds valuable importance within the program.  Guess What??? YOU DON’T!!!

Players and morons like you are what has brought our program down since 1998.  Players like you who don’t know how to be a part of a team but instead try to market yourself as a VIP of the team. Hey Douglas, both you and your family can find another school to support.  Those who are TRUE Tennessee Volunteers will do whatever they can to support and excel their schools, no matter what happens or who is the coach.

Get over yourselves!!! Don’t like it?  We will be just fine without you!!!