Rocky Bottom….

Tennessee Volunteers

Well, there’s just not much to say about a horrible season.  Just when you think we’ve gotten past the worst of our schedule and can take a deep breath, relax, and start planning for 2009, along comes Wyoming….. YES ….. WYOMING!!!   Whose own coach is on the hot seat and could lose his job.  This was Homecoming, the one time a year when every major program schedules a cupcake team to beat up on for the homecoming crowd.  Oh yeah, but this is Tennessee and Coach Fulmer’s football team, so why would we think that this year we could actually beat up on a cupcake team?  Cause we can’t!!  Our offense looked horrible and our defense didn’t show up much either for the game.  It was a Division 1-A embarrassment!!!

Phillip Fulmer, Vicky Fulmer, Allison FulmerMost of us can’t wait until this season is over.  To turn the page on the mediocrity and regain our spot among the top 10 football programs.  Yeah, in case you don’t remember Phil, we use to be there year in and year out.  I have always been one to want Fulmer gone but hoped it would be an positive transition instead of this negative cluster-fuck of a year!  I guess you can’t expect much from the program and head coach that ran Johnny Majors out of Knoxville literally on his hospital gurney!  Kharma is such a bitch!  Now the coach and players, despite their press conferences and sound bytes, are showing us they don’t mean what they say and they aren’t “playing like heck”, they’re just buying their time until this season is over – win or lose!!!

I’m sure, as I have said before, that this isn’t the way Coach Fulmer wanted to go out.  This isn’t the way anyone would of liked to see him head off into the sunset.  But he has made this season into a joke and the Tennessee football program into a bottom feeder of the SEC.

What in the world have you been doing for the past 10 years?  Besides cashing your paychecks.