mizzWell, I guess we all know the moral to this story…. Stop getting our hopes up! Vol fans, coming off two SEC wins over South Carolina and Kentucky, hoping that the Missouri Tigers would stumble in Neyland. Just like the stories of Vols past, Tennessee played a good game that ended in heartbreak as the Tigers started their attack forcing Tennessee to play from behind and again lose.

“If only we had another quarter” has been the theme throughout most of our SEC games this year, where Tennessee shows a spark late and rallies but came up short and father time kicked us in the balls over and over again.

Let’s look at reality, Missouri had only 2 losses this year to Indiana (brain fart day) and to the Georgia Bulldogs 34-0, clearly Tennessee was going to a gun fight with some cap guns.  Even most of us can agree we are seeing improvement, we are still 1-2 years away from being remotely competitive again in the SEC. While Missouri, Texas A&M, Arkansas, Kentucky, and Vanderbilt are SEC games, we take those as far less important as beating the big 3 in Florida, Alabama, and Georgia.  Missouri, last year’s SEC East champion, proves to be a worthy SEC foe but Tennessee fans won’t be satisfied until we start taking down our old foes!