(2010) Tennessee vs Oregon

It is a horrible feeling when one see hope fly away.  That’s exactly what happened to the Volunteers on Saturday night as the Oregon Ducks came to down and showed Coach Derek Dooley and the Vol fans that we were just playing in the wrong dang pond!  The Vols started the pond race with vigor and gusto surprising everyone both at Neyland and those comfortably watching from home but the race would abruptly come to an end as the Vols completely ran out of gas at halftime.
Not only did the play calling seem to change but the kids playing quickly changed as well.  The minute the first Oregon touchdown was made, the game was over!  You could see the punch drunk Vols grasping for anything they could to stop the slide but nothing would work.  What promises the first half brought fans, the second half showed them that they were just a bunch of suckers!
With only 1 seemingly easy opponent in the following six weeks, the Vols had better regroup, get their strength and conditioning coach out of the closet, and get ready for a long long long stretch!